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Protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun whilst maintaining your vision is important. We can make all our frames as prescription sunglasses where required.


These can be made with:

• A wide choice of tints

• A transition lens

• Graduated tints

• Polarized lenses


Our lab is a Saco specialist, and we also stock lenses by Zeiss, Nikon and Essilor.

Now, more than ever, glasses can become a part of how we represent ourselves. Glasses can be cool, stylish, different, or just purely functional. After your eye test, should you require a new (or first time) prescription, we will gladly offer our advice to help you in your decision. From standard to designer brands and everything in between, we have a range to suit you.


Our laboratory also provides a wide range of lens materials: high index thinner lenses, Trivex lenses, polycarbonate, glass and coated lenses.

Choose the glasses or lenses that are right for you. Call

01282 420 555

• Ted Baker

• Pepe Jeans

• Victoria Grey

• Batman/Superman

• Disney Princess

• We also stock a range of budget-friendly brands

Brands include:

• Distance glasses

• Reading glasses

• Sports glasses available (cycling/swimming/snooker etc)

• Bifocals/Varifocals - wide range of brands

• Prescription sunglasses

• Contact lenses

• Ladies' glasses

• Men's glasses

• Children's glasses

• Own frames can be reused at the patients’ own risk.

• Complex prescriptions are our laboratory’s speciality.

A choice in:

Prescription sunglasses

The choice is yours when it comes to eyewear


We also provide:

• Safety glasses

• Low vision aids

• Accessories

• Dry eye advice and treatment