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What other options are there to glasses? Perhaps contact lenses are the answer? If you are interested in contact lenses, just ask your optician when you drop in to speak with us. We have a  wide range of lenses available.


All aspects of contact lens use will be taught and follow up help and advice is also available.

We are based in Burnley. Call us, on 01282 420 555

Daily disposable lenses - the convenient solution, for those who just want to wear their lenses for a specific event or occasion

Monthly disposable lenses

Night and day lenses

Multi-focal lenses - do you require more than one prescription? Our multi-focal lenses can help to correct both near and far sightedness.

Fashion lenses -  fancy a different colour for your eyes? Why not? Our fashion lenses can be corrective or non-corrective

Contact lens options:

Contact lenses are increasingly becoming more comfortable to wear and easier to put in and take out. Explore a few of your options below.

A range of contact lenses to suit your requirements

Contact lenses

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We give independent advice on laser treatments, if available.